Rideaway Extremadura 1: Monfrague National Park – Spain



7 days, 6 nights, 5 days riding days

Good Novice to Advanced

from 1425 EUR

Spain     RSMNP

7 days, 6 nights, 5 days riding days     Good Novice to Advanced

from 1425 EUR

Discover a mountain landscape rich in Holm oaks and cork trees. The Monfragüe National Park is a bird-watchers paradise and offers unapparelled riding through Mediterranean bush crisscrossed by the Tagus and Tiétar rivers.

About The Ride

This progressive ride has five days of riding included in the itinerary. You will begin the journey in the picturesque village of Trujillo, where parts of the Game of Thrones were filmed.

The ride heads North from Trujillo, towards the most significant Mediterranean forest in the world – the Monfragüe national park.

The park takes its name Monfragüe from the ancient Romans, who called it Mons Fragorum, the fragmented mountain. Once Iberian wild horses roamed this area, as evidenced in the ancient cave paintings that date back between 5000 and 11,000 years.

This Iberian landscape hovers over the Tajo valley, which is home to fabulous colonies of raptors and over 60% of Spain's protected fauna. Among the many birds, are 300 pairs of black vultures (the largest concentration in the world) and a highly concentrated popu­lation of Spanish imperial eagles and black storks.

If you are lucky, you will also have the chance to see deer, ibex, otters, badgers, rabbits, snakes, foxes and wild boar on your journey.



Dates available: 2020 Monfrague National Park  

( If you cannot find a suitable date here, please email us or send an enquiry) 

  • March 22-28- Monfragüe National Park
  • April 19-25-  Monfragüe National Park- very few spots left (email to confirm availability)
  • May 10-16-  Monfragüe National Park

Typical Itinerary

Day 1 Madrid Airport – Trujillo

A private transfer is organized for 3 pm at Madrid airport. You will be transported 2.5 hours’ drive to Trujillo where you are encouraged to spend some time enjoying this spectacular Iberian village before meeting your hosts for dinner at the hotel to learn about the ride and region on a map.

Day 2 Trujillo - Jaraicejo

Transfer to the stables (5 minutes away) to meet the horses. Enjoy a reasonably leisurely morning of riding around the outskirts of the old town of Trujillo. Enjoy the relaxed energy as you get to know the horse you will ride all week.  Ride along the "Cañada Real Puerto de Miravete" and enjoy the sight of grazing herds of farm animals, that roam the vast pastures. You will ride along with pieces of a medieval network of herding trails that are a fantastic 75 m wide.

After lunch in the countryside, you ride on to Jaraicejo, a quaint medieval village in the national park where you will enjoy a hearty dinner and a night's sleep. Expected time in the saddle: 6 hours.

Day 3 Jaraicejo-Torrejón El Rubio

After a delicious breakfast, you ride along an old cattle-herders trail to Torrejón El Rubio. You will enjoy some good trots and canters in the morning through the Dehesa and another luxury picnic along the route. In the afternoon, enjoy some higher riding with exceptional views out to the Sierra De Gredos. Your dinner and night’s stay will be at a beautiful 4* hotel with Spa and swimming pool. Unpack your gear because you spend two nights here instead of one. Expected time in the saddle: 6 hours.

Day 4 Torrejón El Rubio- Salto del Gitano- Torrejón el Rubio

Enjoy breakfast and meet the horses to depart for a mornings ride through the national park to the world-famous Salto del Gitano (Gypsies Jump) a spectacular panoramic viewpoint. You will cross into an area that is highly protected that requires individual authorization and take a trail that ventures up-up-up into the highest territory of the Sierra de las Corchuelas.The path is thick with native oaks,and views that need to be seen to be truly appreciated. Enjoy the calm, peace and revitalizing energy of this natural oasis, before riding down to the picnic spotbeside the river Tajo.After lunch, you can admire the black storks, vultures, Egyptian vultures and Imperial eagles that swoop in the canyons and valleys. Again, you return to Torrejón el Rubio for a night’s sleep and a delicious meal. Estimated time in the saddle: 5 hours.

Day 5 Torrejón el Rubio- Aldea del Obispo

You say goodbye to our Spa hotel in Torrejón el Rubio and ride on to Aldea del Obispo. The path you take is along the "Cañada real" an ancient network of traders and cattle-herders. Take lunch next to the Almonte river and enjoy this peaceful enclave where the 'Cañada' crosses the river next to a beautiful medieval bridge. After lunch, you will ride up to Aldea del Obispo for a delicious dinner and night’s stay in a lovely country inn. Expected time in the saddle: 7 hours.

Day 6 Aldea del Obispo-Trujillo

Enjoy a reasonably short-day riding from Aldea del Obispo to the base of the ride in Trujillo. We return to the stables through more of the "cañada real" paths. Being the last ride of the week, we put on a special lunch with Paella cooked on the spot. This spot is one of the highlights of the trip and looks out over Trujillo. What a great way to finish this exciting journey! There is time in the afternoon to wander the village or relax back in the hotel, before a final dinner in the Trujillo town square with your hosts. Expected time in the saddle: 3 hours.

Day 7 Trujillo – Madrid

Enjoy your last breakfast in Trujillo. At 10 am, you will be picked up for your transfer. This will allow you to be on time for flights that depart from 2 pm. Riders will be transferred at the same time, so if you need to arrive in Madrid before the organized drop-off, we can arrange a transfer at an extra cost.

Keep in mind that the itinerary may vary due to weather or other circumstances.