Rideaway Villuercas Natural Park: Inn-to-Inn



7 days, 6 nights, 5 days riding

Good Novice to Advanced

from from 1385 EUR

Spain     RSCT

7 days, 6 nights, 5 days riding     Good Novice to Advanced

from from 1385 EUR

This progressive ride consists of 5 full days of riding through the Villuercas Geopark. You will ride through and stay at the villages of Berzocana and Cañamero, returning to the one of the Game of Thrones filmset locations -the village of Trujillo, via the Dehesa – an extraordinary microclimate found only in Extremadura.

About The Ride

This ride starts and finishes in Trujillo, a unique location that is still home to a vibrant mix of cultures.

The village is famous for its Castle, built in the 10th century by Moorish rulers. In the main square there are some spectacular palaces that were built by Spanish Conquistadors during the 16th-century.

Birdlife such as storks and eagles can be seen circling their nests on the roof of the churches and palaces in the Plaza Mayor. Trujillo was the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro and his brothers, who were the conquerors of Peru and of Francisco de Orellana, who was the first European to travel down the Amazon river. Pizarro’s equestrian statue stands in the Plaza Mayor.

The landscape during this ride is of interest to those who love nature and animal viewing. You will ride through holm and cork woods and vast open pastures. Emilio knows the terrain and the trails very well and will point out interesting sites and birds along the way.

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The journey

Day 1: Madrid airport – Trujillo

Meet your driver at the Madrid airport (meeting time is at 3 pm) and transfer to Trujillo by car, a transfer that takes 2,5 hours. When you arrive at the hotel, you will have some time to relax before you sit down to a welcome dinner with your hosts to learn about the ride and region you will be riding through on the map.

Day 2: Trujillo- Herguijuela-Garciaz

Transfer from Trujillo to Herguijuela to meet the horses. Today is an easy day which is allocated to getting used to the horses. You will ride through the Dehesa, a Mediterranean forest full of fascinating flora and fauna. We stop for a delicious lunch in the countryside with a local Paellacooked on the spot and accompanied by excellent wines, salad, fresh fruit, coffee or tea, and chocolate biscuits. After lunch, we take a short afternoon ride to Garciaz where the horses will spend the night. Riders take a quick transfer (15 min) to Madroñera for the night's stay and dinner at a small rural hotel.

Time in the saddle 5 hours.

Day 3: Garciaz- Berzocana

Meet the horses after breakfast and enjoy trails amongst the best-preserved Mediterranean forests in Europe. The dominant species of trees are evergreen Oaks, Holm trees, Cork trees, and deciduous Oaks. After a relaxed lunch in the countryside, we get back in the saddle to enjoy a magnificent ride that offers views of the Sierra de Las Villuercasa. We ride on to the Villuercas mountains in Berzocana for a special night's stay with dinner at a rural hotel.

Time in the saddle 7 hours.

Day 4: Berzocana-Logrosan

Off we ride through the dramatic Villuercas landscape. This is an area that is popular with birdwatchers and nature lovers, as on the top of the mountains, you will enjoy great views and observe vultures, eagles, azure-winged magpies, red-billed choughs, shrikes, ravens and maybe Ibex. Villuercas has been declared a protected Geopark (Unesco, 2011). This area is extraordinarily rich in natural heritage, including protected birds, biodiversity corridors, majestic trees, and Biosphere Reserves, with symbolic species such as cranes and raptors, griffons, black and Egyptian vultures, black storks, eagle owls, and golden eagles. Enjoy a tasty lunch in this enchanting natural playground and an exciting ride with canters on the way to your hotel at Logrosan.

Time in the saddle 6 hours.

Day 5: Logrosan-Zorita

We leave Logrosan after breakfast at a brisk pace. This morning's ride is full of trots and canters on the Dehesa. Stock are grazing everywhere - cows, sheep, goats, and Iberic pigs still live in a way that is reminiscent of bygone days. We stop off for a luxury picnic and a rest, before saddling up again in the afternoon to continue onto Zorita. Enjoy some good canters this evening. Dinner at a local restaurant and accommodation in a charming rural inn.

Time in the saddle 6 hours.

Day 6: Zorita-Trujillo

We ride along the Dehesa Extremeña with some terrific trots and canters. We stop for lunch in the countryside and give our horses a rest. In the afternoon, we take a short ride to the horse's basecamp and take some time in the afternoon to visit Trujillo in depth. Farewell dinner at the hotel.

Day 7: Trujillo-Madrid Airport 

Breakfast at the hotel and departure from Trujillo at 10 am this transfer time will have you at Madrid airport for 12.30 pm so, please do not book flights before 2 pm unless you wish for us to arrange a private transfer at extra cost.

* Itinerary may vary due to weather or other circumstances.





Dates 2020 

  • 8th- 14th March
  • 12th- 18th April
  • 26th April- 2nd May

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